BURN 50?

This will be different from what you have lived until now, forget the feeling of effort and obligation to go to train.

We have prepared a first day of positive feelings and here we give you the keys to enjoy it to the fullest.

Get ready before training
  • Water. One of the keys to a good workout is to keepyour body hydrated. Try to drink before, during and after training. You can bring your water or buy it in our club.
  • Energy. Your body is going to make an effort and for that it needs fuel. If it has been many hours since your last meal, take a small snack 45 or 30 minutes before the workout.
  • Clothes. The comfort and quality of your training is a fundamental aspect. To ensure it uses comfortable clothes and sports shoes.
Reserve your class or confirm your attendance

20 minutes before. Why start stressed if you can enjoy the first day with time? Arrive 20 minutes in advance if it is your first day.

Our staff will confirm your attendance or you can make your reservation for the class.

In our reception we prepare the device that will measure your effort during the training.


You can bring your things with you. We have digital lockers where you do not need anything more than your code to close them.

Our staff will teach you how to use them.

Before the class

The time has come to know the fundamental aspects of Burn50 training. Our coaches will explain how to follow the instructions of the session, how to use the material and how to see on the screens the intensity with which you have to train.

Now you’re ready!

After class

What now? You already know why it is the best training in the world. Only remains to you know which is the bonus option that most interests you to start

At our reception we will give you all the information,  you can purchase any of our services through our APP from your mobile phone.